Month: February 2018

Is Higher SPF Sunscreen Better? Study Recommends SPF 100+

More is usually better; that’s the common wisdom. But when it comes to sunscreen and Sun Protection Factor ratings, the answer’s not that simple. Manufacturers, of course, would love to keep increasing the numbers on the labels. To take advantage of most consumers’ reaction to a higher number for something easy to understand, like SPF. […]

7 Big Things We Learned About Sleep In The Past Decade

Even the most health conscious among us can forget how crucial sleep is to staying healthy. Without quality sleep, your mental as well as physical health can be seriously impacted. Chronic sleep deficiency has been linked to a variety of serious medical problems, and that risk can be entirely eliminated simply by ensuring you get […]

Sugar: A New Way of Looking at “Unhealthy” Foods

Sugar has taken over the modern diet, and only recently have doctors and the medical community started to try and turn that tide. The research reveals most of us consume far too much sugar. The rise of diabetes as a common medical ailment confirms this, particularly since most modern diabetes patients contract Type-2 diabetes, which […]

Totally Fit Life Spark Plug – Fiber and Freedom

Cruciferous vegetables are a group of vegetables that are rich in fiber, vitamin C, and folate. Some of the vegetables in this class are also good sources of calcium, beta-carotene, and vitamin B6.

Politicians Need To Change The Conversation On How To Fix Health Care

Healthcare has turned into a red hot issue in American politics. Everyone is affected by healthcare, especially whether or not they have any. Or can afford it when they inevitably do need to access medical assistance. The public has grown weary of politicians offering media friendly sound bites, and has started to seriously lose confidence […]

Part 9 – Natural Ways to Improve Your Vision – 10 Part Series

This is a continuation of our series on Natural Vision Correction.   Get to Part 1 Here. Chiropractic Care and your Vision — What’s the Connection?   Your eyes and vision are important. They’re so important that we often greatly underestimate what they can do.

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Purium Review – Do These Supplements Really Work?

A popular type of dietary supplement is Purium. This supplement is meant to offer both general health improvements as well as assistance in helping those taking it lose weight. It also provides necessary minerals and vitamins, bolstering any dietary deficiencies that might exist. Purium is organic and completely lacking in any genetically modified aspects. Overall, […]

Totally Fit Spark Plug – Sodium and Hearing God’s Voice

Hey Champion, Every cell in the human body is dependent on sodium for survival. It serves many functions in the body, including helping to carry nutrients into the cells.

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How to Sleep Well Despite Chronic Pain

As many as twenty percent of Americans suffer from sleep interruptions as a result of chronic pain. Any number of common medical conditions or injuries can cause that pain, but they all tend to make it harder to not only fall asleep, but also stay sleeping so we can get effective sleep from Rapid Eye […]

Best Food for the Common Cold

Even a minimal understanding of nutritional health reveals that an imbalanced diet, one that doesn’t offer the basic minerals and vitamins our body needs, can cause health problems. Beyond simply feeling run down and without energy, such nutritional deficiencies can make you more likely to contract illness, and less able to fight off infection. For […]