Month: March 2018

How to Ask for That Well-Deserved Raise: Four Things You Should Know

The thought of going to the boss and requesting a raise can be extremely stressful for many people. Most of us often want the raise, but also very much want anything but having to deal with asking for it. We find ourselves justifying the desired raise, to everyone but the people who can grant it. […]

Phendimetrazine Review – Is There Any Truth to its Weight Loss Claims?

A weight loss supplement that is something many of us turn to when we start a new diet. We’re looking for help, for the extra ingredient as we struggle to make a change in lifestyle. Phendimetrazine is a supplement that is intended for brief use, targeted for those patients who need specific kinds of help […]

Blood-Based Marker for Alzheimer’s Disease Shows Diagnostic Potential

Australian and Japanese researchers have published their findings in the journal Nature detailing how they measured the proportions of different forms of the Alzheimer’s disease-causing protein amyloid protein as a marker of the disease. Amyloid proteins are known to cause Alzheimer’s by aggregating into solid plaques. Detection is possible from spinal fluid and blood of […]

7 Smart Strategies for Better Sleep With Allergies

When you have a respiratory problem that can and often does lead to difficulty sleeping.   People who deal with seasonal allergies or any allergy can compound their problems with lack of sleep.   Here are some solutions to try if you are dealing with this problem. Use a pillow; don’t lie completely flat.   […]

Anti-Anxiety Drugs – What to Choose?

All of us deal with anxiety at least some of the time. When it’s upon us, everything gets harder. Anxiety can be triggered by many sources, but whether it starts within or without, it settles into our heads and keeps us from locking down on being our best. Psychologists consider anxiety a mental condition, even […]

How the Common Cold Can Affect Your Eyes

When we’re sick, even with the common cold, it saps our energy no matter how determined we might be to stay engaged with the very activities that can keep us healthy. Many of us make New Year resolutions that include things like weight loss or starting a gym routine, but being under the weather definitely […]

Avoiding Hip Fractures

During a business meeting my colleague received one of those dreaded phone calls: his Dad had been rushed to the hospital. When your parent is in his 80s, it is the type of phone call that you can expect. But the reason his Dad had to go to the hospital is also common. He had […]

Preparation for Weight Loss – Mental Attitude is the Basis

Making a meaningful change in your diet is definitely difficult. It requires us to fundamentally alter our approach to meals, to how we think of and consume food, and is one of the biggest obstacles in dieting when people consider whether or not to engage in diet based weight loss. This is why so much […]

Pregnant couple

New Research on the Benefits of Ubiquinol for Egg Health

When you’re looking to get pregnant, and it hasn’t been happening despite regular attempts, fertility becomes an important subject. Every little bit that can boost your chances of conception could be the difference between disappointment and a bundle of baby joy nine months away. Ubiquinol is an antioxidant, similar to vitamins C and E, that […]

Fatigue (Symptoms, Causes, Treatment)

Chronic fatigue is more than just occasionally being tired.   It is when you are SO tired that you can no longer perform everyday functions. The nature of this illness makes it hard to be diagnosed.   Fatigue can be masked by many other common illnesses.   For example, a cold or an allergy can […]