Month: March 2018

Things Caregivers Should Know About Alzheimer’s Risks

Stepping in to not just support a loved one emotionally, but in offering direct assistance in their daily lives when illness becomes a factor, is giving care. Such caregivers shoulder a wide variety of burdens, and often go unsung by those who stand by the situation. When the illness is a cognitive disease, such as […]

The Digital Era: Saving Kids From Developing an Eating Disorder

Today’s world is one of connection. Social media reaches out into every aspect of nearly all our lives, even that of the children in society. In a world where everyone is constantly online, eternally connecting to everyone else who stays plugged in, it is becoming more common, and harder to prevent, how issues with perception […]

Dear Contact Lens Wearer: 8 Steps to Healthy and Happy Eyes

Ten percent of people in the United States wear contacts. Over forty million Americans wear contact lenses on a daily basis. Most choose contacts to, obviously, correct vision deficiencies. But more specifically, most people who select contact lenses over glasses do so because contacts are usually more comfortable than dealing with glasses. While it might […]