Month: May 2018

Increasing Number of Hemp Farmers Going Organic

As cannabis sheds its cloak of secrecy and moves into the realm of legalization, hemp farmers are getting into gear. A number of agricultural operations working to cultivate and make hemp available for industrial uses are turning to organic farming methods, rather than factory farming procedures. The distinction is fairly basic at the moment. Organically […]

How ‘Mono’ Virus Can Raise Your Risk of Lupus and Other Autoimmune Diseases

When your immune system is being compromised, the initial sickness can lead to complications. Other diseases, other medical problems, can develop and start attacking your body right alongside the initial issue. Epstein-Barr, commonly referred to as mono, is a viral disease that typically passes from skin contact between an infected individual to the new victim. […]

7 Myths About The Pill You Need To Stop Believing

Monthly or permanent birth control is not new; but some methods have also been around long enough for a number of incorrect myths to show up around them that misinform women about what it is and what it actually does. Don’t let the facts be twisted around; stay informed so you know what it will […]

Why So Many Seniors Take Vitamins That Don’t Really Help Them

Many of us, especially as we advance in age, reach for a daily vitamin and make sure to include it in our routines. Vitamins are big business in the United States. The industry generates billions of dollars in revenue for vitamin manufacturers and distributors every year, even for just the basic multi vitamins that can […]


Nightmares are dreams in which the person experiences extreme feelings of fear, anxiety, distress, or terror. While nightmares are not uncommon, they can be classified as Nightmare Disorder if they regularly interrupt a person’s sleep and have an effect on their development. While nightmares are a normal thing, and tend to occur more in girls […]

Hemp CBD Oil: A Powerful Anxiety Buster

Extensive research has determined that cannabidiol (CBD), the active medicinal component of hemp CBD oil, provides powerful anxiety relief without the psychoactive effects of marijuana. Clinical trials show that CBD even reduces different types of anxiety, including post-traumatic stress and social anxiety disorder. Hemp CBD oil can also  combat everyday stress, as it has a […]

Woman eating cereal

Sugar Cereals Not Just for Breakfast Anymore … Millennials Eat Them as a Snack

It turns out that younger people, “millennials”, are actually eating more than cereal than ever before. This has caused the cereal industry to change the description of their products to a snack instead of a breakfast food. Sales of cereal products has declined 19 percent since 2009, mainly due to the influx of yogurts and […]

Those Hand Dryers in Public Restrooms Are Actually ‘Bacteria Bombs’

We wash our hands after we do things involving dirt or grime, even ordinary food or kitchen grease, because it’s the best way to guard against bacteria and other contaminants that could harm us if we don’t get rid of them. This includes doing so after using the bathroom. When we’re dealing with bodily waste, […]

Hemp As Medicine | A History of Hemp As Medicine Since Ancient China

Hemp has been a useful plant for a very long time, and only in recent history has it been turned into something to shun and stop using. Now that is starting to change, leading people who have forgotten the advantages and benefits of hemp to go looking to learn about them all over again. Herbal […]

Antioxidant Supplements Increase Mortality

Based on earlier studies, scientists found that the nutrient Beta-Carotene helped reduce cancer in smoking adults. This led to pushing the manufacturing and sale of Beta-Carotene pills as supplements to help with this issue. However, results showed that smokers who took the Beta-Carotene pills actually had increased risks of cancer. Later studies corroborated that it […]