Month: November 2018

Beets A Great Way to Start the Day

Get Moving For Good Health

Go here to check out how many calories you are burning doing various activities:   CALORIES BURNED

Hemp-Derived CBD Not Allowed in Food (or Pretty Much Anything Else) in California

CBD derived from industrial hemp is no longer approved to be included in food or as a dietary supplement in the state of California. The state is waiting until the FDA issues clear guidelines on the level of human safety for consuming CBD from industrial derived hemp. CBD derived from cannabis is also illegal under […]

Study: CBD May Be Useful In Treating Breast Cancer

Cannabidiol (CBD) the non-psychoactive part of hemp was legalized in 2004 in most of the United States.   Many medical researchers are now testing how CBD can benefit health.   CBD is being studied for its antitumor activity. CBD oil might just be something of a missing link treatment for a wide array of medical […]

Natural Cold and Flu Remedies From Around the World

First CBD Cafe In US Offers Eye-Opening Way To Experience Cannabidiol

With the rise of legalized cannabis in the United States, everyone’s hopping into the act. Hardly a day goes by lately without some new development or announcement of a new use or service springing up that’s making use of cannabis in some form or another. The latest comes from Oregon. In Portland, a new cafe […]

Healthy Holidays / Family Stress The Relatives

Thanksgiving is right around the corner and that kicks off the start of many Family Gatherings at our house, which can be great fun and also cause great stress. Every family, no matter how close and loving has some sort of dysfunctional aspect.   It is just part of being human.   We aren’t perfect […]

Dreaming On CBD: Will CBD Oil Cause Weird Dreams?

There has been a lot of talk lately about the health benefits of using CBD, which is derived from marijuana. However, CBD oil is often confused with THC, the part of marijuana that gets you “high.” However, CBD is actually just a component of marijuana that does not have any high in itself, but still […]

What Are Primary And Secondary Cannabis Terpenes?

As cannabis come out of the shadows into legal status, so too is the terminology and ways of ranking and rating it. Unlike previous person-to-person references, that could take on an aura of feeling like gossip or rumor, the open nature of the growing cannabis industry is allowing terms and descriptions to become more standardized. […]

Hemp For Keto: Why Hemp Protein Is Perfect For The Keto Diet

Hemp seeds and oil are a great way to supplement a ketogenic diet. A ketogenic diet takes away the notion of fats being bad for you and instead concentrates on eliminating carbs from your diet. This can be tough for some because most meals we’re used to rely on carbs to round out the meal […]