Month: December 2018

Insulin Resistance and Fasting

Doctor checking blood pressure of a patient

Study Links Aortic Stiffness With Lower Cerebral Blood Flow

Heart and cardiovascular problems are critical medical issues because everything the human body needs blood, and the oxygen that blood carries, to properly function. New research out of Vanderbilt University Medical Center has linked stiffening aortas to reduced blood flow through the brain’s cerebral blood vessels. It is thought this may play a role in […]

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Flying With CBD: Are You Allowed To Fly With CBD Oil?

Cannabidiol oil (CBD) is non-hallucinogenic oil that is extracted from the hemp plant.   It is a great all natural supplement and legal in most states to use, sell and ship. CBD oil has been shown to ease stress and soothe pain.   Many of us could use some stress and anxiety relief and some […]

Coping In A Toxic Work Environment

Weighted Blankets Improve Sleep

AP Exclusive: First Gene-Edited Babies Claimed in China

Understanding Aneurysms

Arteries are blood vessels that carry oxygen-rich blood to all areas of your body.   If an artery weakens a balloon like bulge can develop.   This bulge is an aneurysm.   You may have an aneurysm and have no symptoms or knowledge of it.   Aneurysms can occur in any arteries but most aneurysms […]

Healthy Holiday Survival Tips – Exercise

Top 5 Ways to Raise a Generous Child at Any Age