Month: June 2019

Adiponectin: The Weight Loss Hormone

Ever wonder why some people can eat anything, yet still, keep their fit bodies? On the other hand, there are people who tend to gain more weight despite eating too little. And no matter how hard they try to lose weight, their bodies won’t just cooperate. As it is, a Purium health product safely helps […]

What Are the Most Common Reasons People Take CBD?

CBD has become the hot new wonder solution for a host of common issues people look for over-the-counter remedies for. And for a good purpose, it turns out CBD actually does offer measurable and significant relief from anxiety to arthritis. Thereby, adding to the common reasons people take CBD. Modern pharmaceuticals can be amazing, but […]

CBD Oil for Dogs: A Vet Weighs In On This Trendy Topic

In America dogs are more than just pets, they are family. Often, dogs can suffer from many different kinds of illnesses and pains- and people spend thousands of dollars to find cures for their beloved dogs. There are several ways to manage and treat a dog’s ailments, and the use of CBD oil may be […]

How To Keep On Track After Bariatric Surgery

Many Americans turn to weight-loss treatments to avoid the crippling effects of obesity. One of the best ways to help an obese person lose weight and prevent life-threatening problems such as heart disease and diabetes is to undergo bariatric surgery or gastric bypass.

CBD Strains: Why There Aren’t More (and Why That’s About to Change)?

CBD is seemingly everywhere, taking over so much of the conversation and usage involving cannabinoids. But things are way different ten years ago. Before, CBD was considered a risky investment of time and space for cannabis growers. In addition, it also took researchers and scientists to find strains with high levels of CBD. Once they’ve […]

Weight Loss Day 3: Q & A Plus Laser Coaching

I want to touch on a few of the topics that we’ve been discussing all week because we talked…

CBD Hemp Oil and its Benefits

CBD hemp oil is definitely one of the hottest products in the US that are taking the country by storm. In fact, the CBD oil market is expected to grow from around $590 million in 2018 to $22 billion by 2022. A feat that is very much achievable given the growing popularity of CBD oil. […]

Can Alcohol Cause Mental Disorders?

Alcohol has maintained a strong foothold in our society over the ages because of its benefits as a social lubricant. When consumed in moderate amounts, the relaxing properties associated with alcohol consumption can boost people’s emotions and enhance social bonding.

Weight Loss Day 2: The Weight Loss Manifesto

We’re learning about the six simple steps to weight loss, and it’s the weight loss manifesto today. It’s great…

Why Learning About Health and The Public Health System Is Important

Health is a big concern for most people nowadays, especially with the rising number of diseases that go around. Individuals with public health degrees are working tirelessly everywhere around the world to ensure a higher quality of health for the majority. Here are some things that you need to know about health and the public […]