Month: December 2019

Step #1: Symptom Assessment

Step #1 to heal your hormones

Yesterday I shared that there are 9 Steps to heal your hormones. If you didn’t read the…

How Do I Lose Weight After Pregnancy With PCOS?

Dear Robin: I wonder if all the weight gain after a normal pregnancy and cesarean in a PCOS patient…

The Ultimate Skinny Guy’s Guide To Bulking Up Fast

Going to the gym and getting a pump on can be a very rewarding experience, but sometimes, progress comes way too slowly. You want to see quick results, but you’re just not getting the gains that you hoped for. While somebody types may have a slight edge when it comes to looking buff, even skinny […]

9 Step System

The crazy things I used to do…

Over the next 9 days I’m going to share the 9 Steps to heal your

Bunion Basics – Causes, Treatment and Prevention

You may have noticed that as the years go by, your feet begin to ache more. Perhaps when you were younger standing around and walking all day long was a breeze, but now standing or walking for extended periods of time can leave your feet full of aches and pains. This increased pain is not […]

It’s The Holidays & Accidents Are Waiting To Happen

6 Steps To Choosing The Right Doctor For Your Needs

There are various reasons you might need to find a new doctor. Maybe you just started a new job, and you’re now enrolled in a brand new health insurance plan. Perhaps your current doctor is retiring, or you’ve moved to a new neighborhood where it’s inconvenient to see your old doctor. Or perhaps you’re a […]

Yoga – Natural Relaxation Practices

The world is full of stressors these days. Stress is hard on the body and manifests the side effects in different ways. With the help of yoga and natural relaxation practices, we can help combat the negativity that stress has on our bodies. There is no doubt that as the world evolves there are higher […]

5 Ways Students Can Stay Healthy When Having A Heavy Schedule

Hectic studying routines make college kids go through numerous challenges and troubles, prompting them to look for different ways to handle their academic stress. Yes, students can apply for anonymous writing help from reputable online services because of the over-loaded tasks they receive but there are also other habits that can help them limit their […]

Heal Your Holiday Cravings Day 1: What Type(s) of Craver Are You?

Hello, beautiful sisters. Hey, it’s Robin Nielsen and I’m so excited to be here with you today. Happy holidays….