Month: June 2020

Top 7 Vitamins For Neuropathy Which May Help

Neuropathy is defined as the dysfunction or damage of the nerves in your body that usually results in severe numbness, tingling, and muscle weakness. Neuropathy usually affects the hands and feet, but can affect other parts of your body as well. This health condition is often caused by traumatic injuries, metabolic problems, severe infections, and […]

Top Benefits Of Hand Held Massagers

Living through the Coronavirus pandemic is stressful for everyone. And, stress causes tension. With social distancing protocols and mandatory business closures, it’s impossible to make a simple call to get some physical relief from your favorite massage therapist. But, that doesn’t mean that you can’t get a rub down right at home.

The Best CBD Products For First Time Users

Businesses dealing in CBD have been creeping up all over the place in the recent year or so. But what is it? CBD is an acronym for cannabidiol, a chemical compound that originates from the Cannabid Sativa plant.

What Is A Staph Infection?

Amy’s Purium Experience – Final Thoughts

A Definitive Guide To Putting On And Removing PPE

We would like to think bad bacteria only come from outside sources, but they are within us too. Did you know microorganisms make up about 1-3% of the human body? For every human cell, there are 10 microbial cells living in our bodies. We literally become hosts as early as conception.

The 6 Benefits Of Investing In A Massage Chair To Improve Your Health And Wellness

Some people think that buying a massage chair is not practical. These people may not be aware of the many health benefits this machine can provide.

11 Healthy Habits Every Student Should Develop

Some refer to college as the hardest time of their lives. Some see it as the most fun and exciting one. Somehow, people with the same academic load treat their tasks in different ways and end up with a different experience. But why is that?

Hormonal Balance Is Crucial For Good Health

The First Steps To Take Right After An Injury

Injuries can be highly unfortunate, painful, and disturbing. But what makes them worse is the lack of first aid knowledge regarding what should be done right after someone gets injured.