Month: July 2020

Facing Mental Health Consequences Due To Coronavirus Pandemic? Let’s Deal With It

The coronavirus has changed our world and turned it upside down. We had to confine ourselves in our own homes and observe significant safety measures to deal with it. We believe that it would soon pass away, but it hasn’t as the world is still looking for a cure for this virus. The situation has […]

My Top 5 Health And Fitness Tips For Busy Women and Moms

Life these days feels busy for everyone, but women and moms often bear the burden of an even busier schedule thanks to the demands of their little ones, careers, housework, and more.

4 Perks Of Turning 65

Turning 65 is a major milestone and is both looked forward to and feared by many. At age 65, you are considered elderly and become known as a “senior citizen.” By being a senior citizen, you become eligible for a lot of government benefits and programs and have to begin to think deeply about retirement. […]

Why Blue Light Is More Dangerous Than You May Believe

Take a moment to think about how many hours you spend in front of a computer or smartphone screen on a daily basis. Studies have found that the average individual will devote an incredible 1,700 hours interacting with a laptop computer on an annual basis. Perhaps more concerning is that fact that consumers spend just […]

Face Masks & Acne

Exploring Innovative Treatments For Chronic Back Pain

Living with chronic pain can be both physically and emotionally exhausting. Over 20 million people in the U.S. are hurting every day, with the largest majority suffering from back pain. Back pain affects both women and men equally and can rob anyone of their mobility and the quality of life that they deserve.

MRKH Syndrome

Depression & Addiction – 5 Important Aspects We Need To Understand

Nobody knows for sure what happens inside someone’s mind. We’ve seen far too many actors or music stars end up in suicide, even though they were the heart of the party wherever they went. Many people fighting with depression manage to be highly functional, acting as if nothing is wrong with them whatsoever. Many of […]

4 Signs Your Mattress Might Be Causing Your Lower Back Pain

There are countless things that can cause lower back pain or aggravate it. If you’re enduring lower back pain, it’s possible that anything from poor posture to a disk injury could be the culprit. One of the likeliest causes is a bad mattress — and, if your mattress is the reason for your pain, there […]

The Rise Of Teletherapy & Online Speech Therapy

With the social distancing restrictions imposed by the pandemic, therapy-seeking patients have started to appreciate at-home treatment benefits. From financial perks to enjoying the comfort of your own home, teletherapy is slowly starting to outweigh the conventional in-person therapy methods. Can remote therapy really be the solution to all the distance-imposed problems and, more importantly, […]