Month: November 2020

Staying Happy And Healthy During A Pandemic

2020 has been a tough year for everyone, and although there appears to be some progress with getting a vaccination for COVID-19, many people all over the world are still facing full lockdowns or restrictions. Many have had to adjust to being isolated at home alone, no longer going into the office, and worrying about […]

5 Natural Approaches Which May Help Fight Against The Cold And Flu

Colds and the flu are very common and people all go through it multiple times in a year, but it doesn’t mean that it doesn’t cause any discomfort. Especially when it progresses, you may have some miserable days where you feel you can’t even do anything and you’re just in constant pain.  

The Importance Of Public Participation In A Clinical Trial

A clinical trial is a type of research about new tests or treatments that could be a breakthrough in the medical field. It represents a learning and research method that aims to provide better, faster, and more accurate solutions for those who are suffering from certain diseases or illnesses. It’s a way to evaluate the […]

What Are The Benefits Of HGH Replacement Therapy?

A lot of people have low HGH levels. If you have an HGH deficiency, you’re going to know it because you’ll experience fatigue, joint pains, bald spots, weight gain, and additional problems. You may feel that you’re fighting an uphill battle but this isn’t the case. It may be possible to reverse this condition by […]

Health Restrictions & Proper Guidelines To Follow When Travelling To Work In The Same Vehicle

The COVID situation in the UK brought about many changes that people had to adapt to, turning it into the new normal. While businesses and companies were struggling to meet targets and requirements, and there was an increase in the number of people sick with COVID, people were not following the basic rules to protect […]

Overcoming Stress And Why You Absolutely Need To

Stress can take a toll on your health. It can cause feelings of anxiety and depression. The good news is that there are several ways to reduce stress.    

Sugar And Obesity: How Are They Related?

The relationship between obesity and consuming plenty of sugar has always been complicated and confusing. However, there’s new data showing that the average American often underestimates the amount of sugar they consume.    

How To Keep Household Germs Away During A Pandemic And Flu Season

As the nation enters the flu season in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic, many families are concerned about surviving the colder months ahead. As each of these viruses spread quickly from person to person, the fear of having a house full of sick loved ones increases. While there’s not much you can do if […]

Why HPV Testing Is So Pivotal

All STD testing is important, especially for disease like HIV and human papilloma virus (HPV). We probably already know a lot about HIV, so why don’t we pay more attention to HPV? HPV is the most widespread STD in the United States. Not only can HPV have symptoms like genital warts, it can also lead […]

Why Should I Go To The Dentist Regularly?

Are you in the habit of going to the dentist? Do you go more than once a year? Dental health is vitally important for overall good health. Dental problems that are not taken care of or treated early in life can cause major problems for adults.