Month: December 2020

How Technology Shapes Dentistry’s Future

People have been avoiding going to the dentist because of several reasons. Some people have had painful and unpleasant experiences while other people don’t like having strangers prodding and probing in their mouths. Some will also be worried about what their local Peabody dentist will say after taking a look at their mouths, while others […]

How To Choose The Best Pharmacy In Your Area

Pharmacies are an important part of people’s lives. Without them, it would be almost impossible to get medicines at your convenience. If you’re a healthy adult, then finding a pharmacy may just be a matter of convenience. But, if you’re aging or have several health complications, then finding a pharmacy that’s closest to you may […]

Blue Light & Sleep

Dental X-Rays: Purpose, Procedure And Risks

To examine your oral health, the dentist uses dental x-rays also known as radiographs, which are simply images of your teeth.   Low levels of radiation are used in x-rays to capture images of the mouth’s interior especially the teeth and gums. These images allow the dentist to see problems like tooth decay, cavities, and […]

Do You Have A Baby With An Irregular Sleep Pattern?

Your Phone Is Your Doctor: 5 Online Therapy Services To Try

Improvement in technology has been beneficial to those suffering from mental health conditions. People no longer need to go for face-to-face therapy sessions, which are expensive and inconvenient. Instead, there are numerous online therapy service providers. A good example is a renowned company called Culmerry, which offers its services online.

5 Ways To Get Your Daily Dose Of Vitamins Without Taking Pills

If you’re trying to live a healthy lifestyle, getting enough vitamins and minerals is essential. Without these crucial building blocks, you can’t expect to reap the full rewards of your exercise routine or maintain proper sleeping habits. Health experts have known for decades just how important these nutrients are, with benefits ranging from protection from […]

Top Benefits Of Technology In Healthcare

Technology has revolutionized different sectors of the economy, including healthcare. Improvements in diagnostics, treatment options, and service delivery within health facilities have been influenced by cutting-edge technology. Tech companies that focus on health care systems such as Stilla Technologies go the extra mile to avail solutions that help save lives. Technological advancements keep evolving, and […]

Should You Exercise When Sick?

How Working Out Affects Your Health

Despite the importance of exercise and fitness to one’s health, only one out of three adults are accomplishing 150 minutes of exercise weekly. Worse, roughly 50 million Americans are experiencing a sedentary life, leading them to an early grave.