Month: January 2021

Why You Should Consider Today’s Rechargeable Hearing Aids

Your Guide To Understanding All The Vitamin Ds

As you spend more time indoors keeping safe, chances are, you and the kids aren’t getting your usual exposure to the sun. That means the body isn’t producing its natural form of vitamin D in the required quantity. Therefore, the need for supplements has never been greater.

How To Develop New, Meaningful Relationships For Seniors

Thirty-five percent of adults over 45 have reported feeling lonely, according to research from the AARP Foundation.

Vitamin D Deficiency

How Social Communities Can Boost The Health Of Seniors

As we grow older, we will lose family and friends. This can harm the physical and mental health of seniors and it can lead to many older people feeling isolated and alone. Once people retire, they won’t interact with others as often, which further contributes to feelings of loneliness. Fortunately, the world is becoming more […]

The 4 Types Of Insurance That You Need

To be honest, we can’t stop the unthinkable, though we can do something to make sure that we are covered should something occur. Insurance is a safeguard that can support us in many ways and make sure that we are covered in the event of bad times. However, there are many options to consider and […]

Why Choose UBACare Pharmacy Services

Getting your prescriptions filled can be hard, especially in times like these where getting out of the house is not only difficult, but potentially dangerous to at risk populations. It can be costly to hire someone to pick up your prescriptions for you and many home delivery fees are through the roof as well. It […]

Why It’s Important To Take Out A Medicare Supplement Plan

Even if you have premiums of Original Medicare’s Part A and Part B, this health insurance doesn’t cover everything. This means you have to pay for out-of-pocket costs for those not included in the plan. These expenses might break your bank, so having a Medicare Supplement plan or Medigap will be of help.

Light Therapy Can Help Many Health Issues

Minimizing Health Risks During COVID-19

To call the threat presented by the novel coronavirus a worldwide emergency would be an understatement. Despite affecting every part of the world, COVID-19 has hit the U.S. particularly hard, due largely in part to harmful misinformation and the lack of a coordinated federal response. As such, going about many of the daily tasks we […]