3 Lifestyle Tips For Healthier Skin

3 Lifestyle Tips For Healthier Skin

Our chronological age and how healthy our skin looks are not always directly connected, which is why different people from the same age group will often look younger or older than each other. Of course, age does play a role and eventually, it will begin to show its effects on everyone’s skin health.

Even at that time though, those effects are not going to be the same for everyone. The same is true for people of any age, even if they are not at a stage where they should have to worry about losing the luster of their skin and hair yet. Read on as we explain why that happens and how to use that phenomenon to your advantage.


Why Do We Age Differently?

This is possible because there are multiple factors other than just chronological age which contribute towards the internal health and external appearance of human skin. Most notable of those factors are genetics, ethnicity, medical conditions, and of course, our chosen lifestyle.

Given that our lifestyle is the only aspect that we have any degree of control over, we will now focus on the three most effective lifestyle tips which can help us attain and maintain healthy, glowing, and beautiful skin.


Avoid the Sun: Directly and Indirectly

The UV-rays in sunlight can be absolutely detrimental to our skin’s health, and one’s skin may not ever recover completely after getting multiple patches of sunburn within a short period of time. Damage from the sun’s radiation can lead to skin cancers, premature aging with wrinkles and fine lines, loss of natural luster, low immunity, cellular senescence and a shorter lifespan.

If you really want to get some sun on your skin, just stay in indirect sunlight for roughly 30 – 45 minutes per week (don’t wear sunscreen during that time) and that’s pretty much all you need. For everyone else who cannot avoid the sun due to the nature of their profession, wearing SPF sunscreen, hats/caps, shades, and protective clothing to cover the skin as best as possible comes highly advised.


Exfoliate and Hydrate with a Gentle Cleanser

Exfoliation is the process of removing dead skin cells from the topmost layer of the skin. This should be done 2-4 times a week, with a gentle exfoliating agent like micellar water. Don’t use harsh chemicals or physical scrubbers since they will end up damaging and removing some of the healthy skin cells as well, underneath the dead cells.

As Herbal Dynamics Beauty explains here, micellar water is not just a gentle exfoliator, but it is also an excellent hydrating agent for the layers of skin below our epidermis. Exfoliating with micellar water as a cleanser can rejuvenate dry skin from the inside, to make it look naturally radiant with health.


Maintain a Diet Rich in Minerals and Vitamins

If you cannot get the nutrients your skin needs to stay in good health from diet alone, supplement your diet accordingly. A few useful tips for forming and maintaining a diet that can help keep your skin and hair in excellent condition could be summarized as follows:

  • Fruits, vegetables, lean protein (eggs and fish), nuts and seeds in sufficient quantities should be part of the regular diet
  • Hydration with at least 3-4 liters of water would be ideal
  • Excessive alcohol consumption and smoking to any degree are detrimental to human skin and hair


Exercise Daily

There is no hard and fast need to go to the gym unless you have other more athletic or weight loss related goals. For those of us who are already in decent shape, they just need 15-30 minutes of active participation in a physically demanding activity on a daily basis in order for their skin and heart to stay healthy. It can be anything from dance and martial arts to power walking and traditional weight training.


Each one of the tips mentioned here has scientific evidence backing it up. Therefore, by simply following these four, most of us can keep glowing for a long time to come.

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