7 All-Natural Astringents for Healthy and Beautiful Skin

7 All-Natural Astringents for Healthy and Beautiful Skin

All-natural astringents have a wide variety of skincare benefits: they tighten pores, make skin smoother, clear away dirt and grime, and even help to reduce irritations and infections. Below are some of the most popular natural astringents, as well as tips on how you can add them to your skin regimen.

What is an astringent?

An astringent is a cosmetic that cleans the skin and constricts the pores.

Benefits of using an astringent!

Helps pores bind and shrink

Closes open pores and prevents dirt from entering pores.

Heals pimples and prevents scarring.

Helps prevent fungal infections.

Relieves irritated skin.


Who should use an astringent?

Anyone dealing with excess facial oil or problems with acne should consider an astringent.  Do not use an astringent if you have dry skin.  Many men’s aftershave lotions contain astringents.

The number one cause of acne is bacteria in your pores.  Your pores are loaded with dead skin cells, oil, dirt and bacteria.  Astringents can combat all of these problems.


What is the proper way to use an astringent?

Wash face with mild soap (If you have acne you may want to use a facial soap with antibacterial properties) and warm water

Pat dry

Make sure to rinse away all soap

Put a small amount of astringent on a cotton ball or cotton makeup pad