Acne around the nose? It could be allergy related.

Every Spring and Summer, people encounter the ever present issue of allergies. As a result, they blow their noses constantly to feel relief. In a strange way, they also may see the affects of nose blowing in acne surrounding the nose. The physical action of nose blowing can cause the skin in the nose area to become irritated. If you have a drippy nose during allergy season, here are some things that can improve acne around the nasal area.

Use an allergy medication every day. Although allergy pills may not work all that well, they are still a form of resistance towards allergy irritants in the nasal passages. If the dripping and itching stops, you won’t have a reason to blow in the first place!

Another remedy can be found in glycolic acid. Keep 10% glycolic acid around during the allergy season and apply it to the nose area before going to bed. After a day of blowing, irritating your skin, and drying out your nose, the glycolic acid can help keep acne at bay.

Although allergies aren’t any fun to deal with, don’t let them stop you from getting outside and enjoying your sunny Spring and Summer days & activities.

Key Points:

  • 1Blowing your nose a lot can irritate your skin around your nose.
  • 2The irritated skin from blowing your nose can lead to acne.
  • 3Taking an allergy medication can help prevent this kind of acne around your nose.

If you are like me and on an allergy pill and still have a constantly drippy nose during spring and summer, keep some 10% Glycolic Acid around.
Are your allergies causing your acne? Try a different tissue. #allergies #acne #solutions
Is Your Acne Caused By Allergies? For many of us, an allergy pill clears it up mysteriously, especially when it is around the nose during the spring and fall pollen and ragweed season.

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