Act Your Age When It Comes to Skin Care

For the first part of your life, you probably didn’t care that much about your skin. You might remember wiggling around, anxious to get into the pool or run down the beach, while your mother attempted to smear sunscreen on your body. Sure, getting sunburned hurts, but otherwise, it didn’t matter much to you. But skin changes as you get older — just ask any adolescent whose baby-smooth, flawless exterior has been transformed by the arrival of acne. Even then, you might be worried more about how that pimple affects your chances of a date than the actual health of your skin. Just about everything that you do to your skin during the course of your lifetime will leave some lasting impression, but the internal aging process is something that happens naturally. Wrinkles, thinning, sagging and dryness are all part of this process. As your skin ages, it doesn’t replace itself as quickly. Elastin and collagen, the proteins that keep your skin strong and elastic, are produced more slowly. And you can’t stop these changes from happening. Even at what age they start largely depends on your genes — if your mother started getting wrinkles in her 30s, it’s likely that you will, too.

Key Points:

  • 1People experience many changes as they age, and that includes changes in the skin. The body’s largest organ evolves over time, so it’s important for one’s skin care routine to evolve with it.
  • 2Select products tailored to your skin type — for example, special formulations for sensitive skin, moisturizing products for dry skin, and oil-free or noncomedogenic options for oily skin.
  • 3Use a retinoid, unless it dries out or irritates your skin. Retinoids increase cell turnover to exfoliate clogged pores and reduce the appearance of fine lines, which means they can effectively treat both acne and wrinkles.

Fortunately for patients, there are many treatment options for adult acne, Dr. Elbuluk says, and a dermatologist can determine the best treatment plan for each patient based on the type and severity of their condition.

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