Adult Acne : Causes and Treatment

Adult Acne : Causes and Treatment

Bothersome blemishes such as acne remain a partial mystery. However, there are ways to avoid the unseemly breakouts, and there are a few known causes. The issue truly becomes concerning when acne follows us into adulthood. But with better tools, adults may be able to handle the skin irritations better. It is not a myth that the menstrual cycle is a huge factor in adult acne. Hormones shift and twist and the result are pimples. Some large, some small, every single one of them irritating. Menopause has the same effect because of chemical changes in a woman’s body. In the same category of hormones is, many pregnant women suffer from acne breakouts even though they were acne free before pregnancy. Acne during gestation is perfectly reasonable even if annoying.

Key Points:

  • 1Although acne is considered a teenager’s problem, it can follow women into adulthood for several reasons.
  • 2These reasons include menstruation, pregnancy, menopause, and drugs/medication.
  • 3Treatment sometimes includes prescription of birth control pills

Many women’s acne will get worse just before their monthly periods, known as a pre-menstrual flare.

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