Bacteria-Filled Creams May Be an Effective Treatment for Eczema

Bacteria-Filled Creams May Be an Effective Treatment for Eczema

Humans have a love hate relationship with bacteria. Some are bad for us, inside or out, and we work constantly to minimize them. Other bacteria are good for us though, and all that endless cleaning and scrubbing can remove them right along with the more dangerous microbes we’re working to shed. Some medical researchers are looking at ways to reintroduce the beneficial bacteria that might be getting flushed down the drain.

Eczema is a painful skin condition that causes itchy and flaky rashes. Some bacteria that can commonly be found on the skin will worsen the condition, increasing its symptoms and raising the level of pain. But some other forms of bacteria can not only lessen the effects of eczema, they’ll also work to stave off the other forms that are causing you such trouble.

Some researchers are investigating a new skin scream that is impregnated with beneficial bacteria. Their hope is by introducing the helpful microbes, eczema patients can find relief in this new form of very targeted treatment. Other researchers are studying a bacterial spray that can be applied topically where an eczema patient’s skin symptoms are especially prevalent.

Existing eczema treatments focus on both topical and internal antibiotic solutions that target all the bacteria indiscriminately. These newer treatments, if proven out, could offer additional help for patients who aren’t satisfied with how their condition is being managed.

Key Points:

  • 1Current eczema treatments kill off both good and bad bacteria but researchers are focusing on a treatment that adds good skin bacteria to the fight against eczema infection.
  • 2This cream brings balance to the skin for those who lack it and also helps protect the skin barrier.
  • 3This probiotic skin cream would take some time before it becomes available in the market.

If bacteria-based treatments can be brought to market, it could offer those who’ve had longtime eczema a cheaper, more sustainable solution without the side effects of current treatments.

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