Best DIY Lemon Scrub For Back Acne

Best DIY Lemon Scrub For Back Acne

DIY Homemade scrubs can be great for reducing the appearance or occurrence of back acne. Back acne is common because the back is a difficult place to clean properly, but proper application of a homemade scrub can get rid of it quickly. To make a good scrub for treating back acne, combine the juice of two limes or lemons with half a cup of powdered sugar, and rub it gently on your back with circular motions before taking a shower. Be sure to remove the seeds from the limes or lemons! Since it is a gentle scrub, it can be used every day. Typically these scrubs include oil, but since oil exacerbates acne it’s best not to add any oil to this scrub.

Key Points:

  • 1You can use a DIY homemade scrub that consist of two limes and powder sugar to rid yourself of the back acne.
  • 2Squeeze the juice from the lemons and make sure you remove all the seeds. Add the powdered sugar to this. And mix it.
  • 3The sugar scrubs out the dead skin cells without being too harsh, while the lemon reduces oil production on the area.

The back is one of the area’s that is most susceptible to over-production of sebum. The excessive sebum leads to the formation of acne from clogged up pores in the back.

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