Bittersweet Impact of Chocolate: Does Chocolate Cause Acne ?

Do you have to sacrifice chocolate satisfaction for the sake of your skin care regime? Researchers recently examined the impact of popular confections on a specific type of acne. College students armed with food logs and demographic surveys were randomly selected to consume a sugar equivalent amount of milk chocolate or jelly beans. Dermatologists monitored skin lesions via photographs of participants. The limited finding suggested chocolate may indeed have an effect on the body’s immune response system that may give acne sufferers something to consider. Jelly beans did not appear to make a difference in skin condition. Whether brand or type of chocolate matters is a limitation of this recent report. The possible pros or cons of chocolate consumption for the skin will continue to be a topic of debate.

Key Points:

  • 1Discussions around whether chocolate is good or bad for your skin have been a topic that many have debated over time.
  • 2A study published in the Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology investigates the impact of chocolate and the association with acne vulgaris.
  • 3Further findings presented that the group that had the chocolate had a significant increase in acne lesions in comparison to the group that ate the jelly beans.

However, the study stated that the cause for acne was due to chocolate consumption causing cytokine production, resulting in over-inflammation on the skin. To treat acne, it was recommended that a dose of antibiotics are a great anti-inflammatory and are most effective.

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