This Bracelet May Help You Avoid Getting Sunburnt

Now that summer is here, people will be spending more time outside and that means more sun exposure. With more sun exposure comes the increased possibility of painful burns. Sun protection has become more advanced; however, burns are still common. There is even advice online about how to cover and hide sunburns with makeup, but ultimately the best option is not to get burnt at all.

A company called Netatmo has developed a bracelet called the June bracelet that aims to tell wearers when they’ve spent too much time in the sun. The bracelet is being sold at Bloomingdales, and according to the store’s website, the June measures the individual’s exposure to the sun and gives real time advice on UV protection. The bracelet connects to an app that gives users a variety of information about their sun exposure and the UV index and forecast. The wesbite indicates the bracelet is splashproof, but it does not specifically mention that it is waterproof.

The June bracelet cannot and should not replace sunscreen and other forms of sun protection; however, it can provide additional information about the exposure your skin has had to the sun and UV rays. Bloomingdales is selling the June online for $99.99.

Key Points:

  • 1A new technology where a bracelet tells you when to get out of the sun.
  • 2If your not sure how long you’ve been in the sun a bracelet will warn you.
  • 3A bracelet along with an app that can track your exposure to the sun.

To put it simply, the bracelet tells you when you’ve spent too much time in the sun.

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