Can Epsom Salts Help Eczema Symptoms? Woman Claims it Cured Hers

Can Epsom Salts Help Eczema Symptoms? Woman Claims it Cured Hers

Vicky Worth is a woman who has suffered from eczema, which is dry, rough, painful patches on the skin, for her entire life. She has gone through all the treatments imaginable, from steroids to creams and lotions, but nothing got rid of the problem until she tried a simple remedy that can be bought at a drug store – epsom salts. While there is no scientific evidence that magnesium sulfate, or epsom salts, cures eczema, it has been said that the salts can promote healing of wounds and the skin. There has also been a small study that indicated that dead sea salts, which are also high in magnesium sulfate, promote hydration, skin barriers, and reduce inflammation. Vicky tried bathing in the epsom salts rather than pure water, and to her delight, the bath cured her eczema completely. She claims that it also did not dry her skin out like other natural products and it leaves her smooth and soft, and she has even gone as far as to start using epsom salt shampoo and body wash. On top of epsom salts, you can also use milk compresses and oatmeal baths to combat the skin disease. All of these suggestions are inexpensive, natural, and easy to find, so it’s worth a shot!

Key Points:

  • 1Eczema is dried skin that becomes inflamed and often flakes off in unsightly patches.
  • 2Magnesium sulfate, or epsom salts, are known to have wound healing and anti inflammatory effects.
  • 3Soaking eczema stricken skin in an epsom salt bath can relieve the effects by reducing inflammation and rehydrating dry skin.

Through steroids and topical treatments, Worth continued to experience flare-ups and side effects, like swelling and burning, until finally a friend recommended she try bathing in Epsom salts

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