People are shopping and making purchases online today, more than ever. While this may seem to be an easier route than actually going to a store to buy products, people are actually receiving knock offs of the the name brands that they think they are buying. The rate at which people are unknowingly making purchases of knock off versions of their favorite name brand makeup is alarming and even more alarming is that 83% of people said that they would not knowingly purchase knock off brands. Not only does it mean a monetary loss for people to unknowingly purchase knock off brands of beauty products, but it can also be dangerous. Many knock off brands contain ingredients that the name brands do not have and that can lead to people having bad reactions to the product. To be clear, there is a difference between off brands that are similar to name brands, but are cheaper and knock off brands disguised as name brand. Many people knowingly buy an off brand because they are cheaper, but they are aware of their purchase and can compare ingredients to make sure that they can avoid a bad reaction. The best way to avoid accidentally purchasing knock off brands and to ensure that the product is genuine is to avoid buying from sites such as Ebay and instead go in person to a store to make a purchase or go directly to the manufactuering website.

Key Points:

  • 1When shopping, a buyer must be aware of the difference between a lower priced version of a make-up product and a counterfeit product that claims to be original.
  • 2If you’re experiencing an allergic reaction to your normally trusted make-up product, you may have in fact unknowingly purchased a counterfeit product.
  • 3The best way to prevent the accidental purchase of counterfeit make-up products is to buy them from trusted, well-known retailers who will guarantee their products.

If you don’t want to risk not getting the real deal, buy directly from the brand’s website or a trusted retailer like Sephora or Ulta.


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