Dealing with Winter Skin

Its winter and that means cold temperatures and those cold temperatures are turning your skin dry and itchy.  Here are some ways to combat the cold and keep your skin looking and feeling good.

Turn on your humidifier.  I have all electric heat which is the worst for your skin.  The air in my house is dry, dry, dry.  Adding humidity to the air will help keep moisture from escaping your skin and make the air temperature feel warmer.

Moisturize more often.  In the summer I moisturize only in the morning but in winter I double up, morning and night.  Otherwise, my face looks flaky and my foundation doesn’t go on as well.  So increase your moisturizing routine or switch to a moisturizer that is oil based.

If you are struggling with wrinkles you may want to check out  The more you frown, furrow, purse your lips, or clench your jaw the more wrinkles on your face.  Hypnox is a 25-minute hypnotherapeutic audio recording that provides progressive feet to head muscle relaxation and talks you through a series of movements that focus and relax your facial muscles.  Frowning for hours while concentrating, worry, jaw clenching, tight mouth, these habits can cause wrinkles.  Hypnox claims to reduce frown lines, crows’ feet and the vertical lines around the mouth.  You can download this audio program or purchase a CD at the web site.  It is amazing when I did the facial relaxation part of the audio how much stress I hold in my face.

Drink plenty of water.  Hydrating from the inside is just as important as hydrating the surface of your skin.  Even though you may not be as thirsty in the winter keep drinking water.

Don’t forget sunscreen.  The snow can bounce sunlight around just like the sand on the beach.  So if you are going to be outside slather on some sunscreen.

Clean your face with a mild cleanser.  Skin still needs to be thoroughly clean no matter what the season and even though it is winter you still may have blemishes.  You may need to switch to a milder cleanser or you may want to try Clean and Clear’s new Advantage Blackhead Eraser Exfoliating Cleanser.

The great thing about Clean and Clear’s new Advantage Blackhead Eraser Exfoliating Cleanser is the all in one pad that cleans, exfoliates and provides a salicylic acid blemish fighter all in one step.  This is a battery operated hand held device that you affix a single use pad to, wet and then apply to your face.  If you are not a person who wants to deal with a multi-step skin care system, this is perfect.  My favorite part is the cleaning, exfoliating, and bacteria fighting all in one step.  This is a new product just introduced in August 2008 and is available in your local store.  You can check out more information at

Give your blow dryer a rest.  The heat from the blow dryer is very drying on your scalp.  I do not recommend going outside with a wet head but cutting down on your drying time will keep you from scratching your head all winter long.

Cover up your exposed face with petroleum jelly.     If you are going to be exposed outside for extended periods shoveling snow, skiing, or sledding coating your face with Vaseline will save your skin from chapping.


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