FDA: Silicone Injections Extremely Dangerous For Lips, Body, and Other Parts

FDA: Silicone Injections Extremely Dangerous For Lips, Body, and Other Parts

Beauticians and those looking to beautify themselves have long since embraced injections of certain materials as a tool in the effort to spruce bodies up. But silicone injections are often unapproved treatments, and carry some significant risks according to the FDA.

Many silicone injections are used for contouring the body, such as shaping and helping to smooth out the appearance of breasts and buttocks. Sometimes lips are injected as well. The FDA says providers of the injections who lack proper qualifications, some even pretending to be medically licensed doctors, are using unapproved substances in their injections. When silicone is injected into the body, it can create significant health risks, especially if it starts moving through the body. There are cosmetic problems some patients fail to consider as well; the silicone often creates a painful spot on the body, and the treated area can be firm or hard to the touch.

There are medically approved substances that can be used for cosmetic lift procedures, but even they carry risks. Anything foreign that is placed in the body can cause problems. Yet for decades cosmetic surgeons have been conducting various procedures simply for beauty reasons. Patients determined to go under the knife should consult qualified medical personnel and research to make sure they understand the risks, and stick with FDA approved treatments.

Key Points:

  • 1Some cosmetic surgeons are using silicone injections in a manner unapproved by the FDA.
  • 2When injected into proximity of multiple blood vessels, the silicone can spread through the body.
  • 3If it gets into the