How Natural Are Natural Labelled Body Products?

How Natural Are Natural Labelled Body Products?

Some natural ingredients are wonderful for your body inside and out.  We are in a world where people are caring more about what they use daily on their bodies, and what they ingest.  This is causing us all to be a little more conscious about what is in our products we buy. Did you know that the FDA doesn’t look at the word natural at all when it is on a product?  Meaning that any company can slap the word natural on their label whether it is 100% or not. This may cause some alarm for some people, no we cannot trust what these companies are saying to us.  They just want us to buy their products.  

With that said what can you do to make sure that you are getting natural products?  Read the actual ingredient list. If there are products listed that you have no idea how to pronounce or know what they are then chances are they may not be natural.  Going along with the ingredient list, less ingredients on a label doesn’t always mean better either. If you have sensitive skin, natural products can contain things that can cause sensitivity as well.  Make sure you know what causes your sensitivity so you can stay away from certain ingredients. Natural doesn’t mean it won’t cause allergic reactions or sensitivity. The best way to see what your skin is sensitive to is to talk with a dermatologist who may be able to help you identify the sensitivities.  


So now that we know natural doesn’t always mean natural and we have to read labels, here are some of the best natural ingredients that can do wonders for your body inside and out.

The most common natural ingredient is coconut oil.  It can be ingested, or applied topically. If applied topically it can remove dead skin cells, rejuvenate your skin cells, protect you from sun damage.  It can help fight away dermatitis, and has been shown to be a great antibiotic fighting away fungus, and bacteria that can be found on your skin. You can put coconut oil in your food, in your hair, or on your skin.  

Another great natural ingredient is tea tree oil.  Tea tree oil can be found in body products as well as hair products.  When applied to your hair it can help with dry flaky scalps, lice removal, and the healthiness of your hair.  Topically applied it can help with acne breakouts on your face and body, and helps with inflammation of the skin.  This item cannot be ingested, could cause poisoning. This is for topical use only.

Grapeseed oil is also used in topical applications.  Can be found in acne products, it contains linoleic acid which kills away acne but retains moisture on the skin.  Grape seed oil is full of antioxidants to help protect your skin cell. Grapeseed oil can be ingested and is used in cooking.  It is very high in omega three fatty acids which are very important in a healthy diet.  

Rose water has a lot of healthy benefits.  It can be put on the skin to soothe irritation, heal cuts, burns or scraps.  It has also shown that it can help reduce wrinkles. It contains antioxidants and can help enhance your mood and relieve headaches.  You can drink rose water or apply it topically.  

Other beneficial natural ingredients are argan oil, apple cider vinegar, beta carotene, green tea extract, willow herb, and licorice extract.  These vary in helping take away redness, stop breakouts, reduce sun damage, and help soothe skin irritants.  


Natural ingredients may be better for your skin dependent on the person.  Make sure you watch how you react to these ingredients if you start using them to make sure you don’t have an allergic reaction to them. Read the labels of products to make sure they are truly natural.  Our world we are in is becoming more cognizant of what we put on our bodies and in our bodies, which is not a bad thing. Food that is organic with less chemicals is healthier for us, so natural organic beauty products can be healthier for your body as well.  Just know that true natural organic products will have a shorter shelf life than other products. Keep that in mind when buying these products. Natural ingredients can ease your mind so you know exactly what you are putting on or in your body.