Is It Time To Try A Facial Mask?

Is It Time To Try A Facial Mask?

Masks have been used by women for centuries to either hydrate and soothe or remove oils from the skin. Peoples from different regions tried different materials to make their masks. For instance, people in Egypt used mud and clay while Europeans used milk and raw egg.

It is common to divide the types of facial masks into two different groups. There are the masks designed to hydrate the skin and there are those designed to promote blood flow and tighten the skin. An exfoliating product is usually applied to the skin and washed off. But a mask product is actually applied and left on for a 10 to 15 minute period to allow it to work. Follow this with a layer of moisturizer.

There are many different types of masks that can be made at home. These products are a great way to treat yourself and give your skin the added boost it needs after being assaulted by the many toxins and wastes that float around in our air.

Below are some recipes that you can try at home with assurance that you are using only the best that nature has to offer – because it’s directly from nature! If you have a food allergy to any of the ingredients then forgo that recipe and move on to the next.

Look through these recipes – there are a few for dry skin, combination skin, aging skin, acne prone skin and even chapped/sunburned or irritated skin. You should find exactly what you are looking for!

Use a mask directly after having exfoliated. The exfoliation will cleanse the outer skin and remove all dead skin cells before you plump, hydrate or soothe the new cells beneath.

If you are choosing to go with an over the counter product there are several things to consider. First choose a mask that meets the needs of your individual skin type. If you have dry skin over all choose a mask that will rehydrate and add moisture to your skin. And, choose a product that will soften the upper derma of the skin.

Face Mask for Dry and Sensitive Skin

1 avocado
3-4 drops of almond oil

Prepare by peeling and mashing the avocado and adding the almond oil until the mass is consistent. Apply this to the face while gently massaging. Let it rest for approximately 30 minutes before rinsing off with warm water.

Moisturizing Avocado

1 avocado
1 teaspoon of apple vinegar
1 egg white
3 teaspoons of olive oil

Prepare by peeling and mashing avocado and start adding the rest of the ingredients. The egg white should be beaten slightly before adding and mixing with the other materials. When the products have reached a consistent texture apply it to your face. Leave this on for 20 minutes and then rinse. This mask helps to add moisture and elasticity back to your skin.

Great for Sun Burned or Irritated Skin
(If irritation is from medication or other medical problems consult with your dermatologist or physician before trying to add anything to the skin surface)

1 tbsp natural yogurt, room temperature (not low fat or non-fat)