Natural Mosquito Repellent Sprays You Can Make at Home

Commercial mosquito repellents that contain DEET can potentially be fatal depending on overexposure, long-term exposure, or inappropriate non-dermal exposure. Infants who are exposed in any way to DEET have a high risk of seizing. Fortunately, there are equally effective natural mosquito repelling sprays you can use.


Mosquitoes despise the scent of vanilla. Stir 1 tablespoon of vanilla extract into 1 cup of water until the suspension is homogenized. Then apply it to exposed skin. This will ward off not just mosquitoes, but ticks and blackflies as well.


Cut an onion and rub the fresh slices over your exposed skin. The same sulfurous vapors that cause your eyes to tear and burn will ward off mosquitoes and most biting bugs.

Lemon and Orange Peels

After peeling oranges or lemons, rub the inside of the peels over your exposed skin. These ward off mosquitoes and gnats.

Soybean Oil

Studies show that natural sprays or lotions that use soybean oil instead of DEET will repel mosquitoes for one-and-a-half hours.

Lemon Eucalyptus Oil

The oil of lemon eucalyptus is officially endorsed by the CDC as an alternative to DEET for mosquito repellents. Studies have found it can ward off 95 percent of mosquitoes for three hours. However, it’s not safe for children younger than three years old.

Cinnamon leaf oil, Citronella Soap and Citronella Essential Oil, Catnip Oil

These are considered less effective than lemon eucalyptus oil but still significantly repel mosquitoes.

This summer choose a natural mosquito repellent over a DEET-based one. It’s safer for you and your kids. And is cheaper too!


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