Aspirin For Acne – Does It Really Help?

Acne, YUCK! Nobody wants it and yet most people will deal with acne at some point in their lives. Here is a quick aspirin mask that is working for some. With low costs and you probably have all the ingredients in your cupboard why not give it a try. Ingredients • 2 or 3 uncoated […]

Every Type of Wart and How to Treat It – Visual Guide

Even though everyone seems to despise them, warts are actually quite common. They can pop up anywhere on our bodies, and when they’re visible we start scrambling looking for a treatment. Fortunately they’re not difficult to deal with, if you do a little research and consult a medical professional. Warts are a non-harmful growth on […]

Soda’s Detrimental Effects On Your Skin & Body

Many of us worry, even obsess, about our skin because it’s the first thing people see when they look at us. There are a host of both products and treatments, including medical procedures, that can alleviate or at least reduce the problems that can leave our skin looking less than its best. But sometimes there […]

Facial Exfoliation

What Your Skin Is Trying To Tell You

Your skin is the first thing people see when you go out into the world. There’s a reason those of us who are concerned with first impressions and not just general beauty, but also overall health, will focus so heavily on our skin and how to care for it. And it turns out, paying attention […]

Adult Acne treatment

Here’s What Happens to Your Skin If You Stop Washing Your Face

Washing your face should be a daily habit that all individuals (both men and women!) work into their daily routine. If you don’t cleanse, it can actually increase any current skin issues you may have. Oily skin gets oilier this can lead to break outs and acne. Dry skin gets dryer and the appearance gets duller. […]

Fungal Acne Is A Real Thing With Real Solutions: A Guide To Defeating It