Jenn Falik explains how wonderful the Proactiv+ system works for keeping radiant clear skin. The first step in the Proactiv+ system is the exfoliating cleanser. The next step is the pore targeting treatment. This treatment works by giving the exact correct amount of medicine to the pores, taking away the guess work for the user. The third portion of the system is the moisturizer. This moisturizer differs from other moisturizers because it feels good on the skin. Additionally, it is formulated for greasy acne susceptible skin so it will not create more acne break outs. The last step of the Proactiv+ system is the face mask. The mask works well not just as a full face mask, but also as a spot treatment. All of the steps contribute to maintaining clear radiant skin.

Key Points of Video:

  • 1Exfoliating cleanser not harsh on the skin and feels nice so that after use, your complexion is more vibrant.
  • 2Pore targeting treatment has the convenience of giving proper dose and delivering medicine at proper location and time.
  • 3Hydrator does not give you a greasy look/feel that many people fear.

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