Science Inconclusive On Acne Causes

Science Inconclusive On Acne Causes

Skin care is a billion dollar business. Weather you have dry skin, oily skin, mix skin, large pores, acne, irritated skin, the list can go on and on. Yet, there is a product for you and your skin problems. But do they actually work, all those lotions, creams, mask and so forth. You can pay hundreds of dollars and see no improvement. What is the main cause for acne anyway? Is there is a one hundred percent answer, other than dirt and oil that causes acne? Sure there are other factors that go into why are skin is the way it is? Well, maybe there is no exact science to the problem. Scientist have been studying this problem for a while, and you might be shocked to find what their research has discovered.

Key Points:

  • 1Acne is a skin condition that can affect anyone from teens to adults, both men and women.
  • 2While many scientists and doctors would like to contribute the cause of acne to diet-related habits, these reports are very conflicting of one another.
  • 3Acne can play a major role in causing self-esteem issues, as well as depression, and anxiety.

Guidelines in the treatment of acne published by the American Academy of Dermatology earlier this year define acne as a multifactorial inflammatory disease affecting the pilosebaceous follicles of the skin.

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