This Simple Home Remedy Can Reduce Acne Scars In A Week!

The worst part of acne breakouts is the threat of scars. The pot marks left behind make us self-conscious and often we try to cover them up with makeup, only making the acne breakouts worse. There are remedies to help reduce the scarring. The ingredients could be in your pantry. A mixture of baking soda, potato juice, and lime juice gives your face a natural exfoliation. The potato extracts offer healing qualities while the lime juice lends a natural bleach to reduce to blemish’ scarring. This natural blend can be done at home and applied like a facial mask. After fifteen minutes you wash the mixture off of your face gently, and you are left feeling fresh and clean. Also, you can sleep knowing that the holistic ingredients are doing their job of reducing unseemly scars.

Key Points:

  • 1Having any kind of blemishes or spots on your skin can make your skin tone look unhealthy and uneven.
  • 2In extreme cases, where the acne scars are very prominent and deep set, even makeup may not help cover them up.
  • 3Lime juice is a natural bleaching agent that can lighten your skin and also make it appear smoother and clearer by eliminating the impurities.

Baking soda is a popular natural skin-exfoliating agent that can scrub away the dead cell layer present on your skin, giving you a smoother and a more even complexion.

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