Simple Skin Care for Male Facial Skin

Facial skin care has always been considered an area of interest for women. Majority of men do not pay much attention to their skin apart from cleaning the face with soap and the regular routine of shaving. In fact, many don’t even bother about using a ‘mild’ soap. And at the most some may apply just about any skin cream if the skin feels dry.

Facial Skin Care Is Not Time Consuming At All

It is important for men to know that skin care is as essential for men as it is for women. Having smooth and moisturized skin not only gives a better appearance, it also speaks of better hygiene. No one would like to interact with a man who sports dry or cracked skin and chapped lips.

Most men feel that facial skin care is a time consuming issue. The truth is that caring for male skin is really very simple and includes very easy steps. It just needs a one-time effort on the part of the person to purchase the right products and not use anything and everything that is available.

First of all, men should take care to use only a mild soap on their faces for cleaning rather than harsh detergent based soaps. Also after washing the face and wiping it gently it is essential to apply a moisturizing cream or lotion while it is still damp. This makes the skin soft and helps to keep away wrinkles.

It is essential to use a face scrub to exfoliate dead skin cells once a week. This gives the face a cleaner look as it removes the dry, rough skin cells and makes the face smooth.

Using a face scrub is not at all a lengthy procedure. While washing your face, you squeeze out some scrub on your palms instead of your regular soap and apply on the face and gently scrub the skin especially at the sides of the nose, on the chin, forehead and temples.

Avoid the area around the eyes. Also do not use harsh movements or pressure while scrubbing as that may hurt the skin. Although men may feel that they have tougher skin, they must remember that even their facial skin is soft and needs gentle care. The whole practice of scrubbing the face will only take a few minutes once a week so men too should use a scrub from time to time.

Sun Protection Is Essential Even For Male Skin

As shaving is a routine activity for men, often they are casual about the shaving cream they use. It is advisable to opt for a good quality moisturizing shaving cream and use the correct procedure of shaving. This prevents skin rashes. Wet the face with warm water and apply the shaving cream on the skin and lather it for a few seconds. This will soften the stubble and making shaving smooth and easy. Also there will be no redness, dryness or skin irritation.

Use a good shaving blade to avoid nicks and cuts and shave along the hair growth rather than against it. Post shaving it is a must to moisturize the skin or the area will look dry and flaky which gives a very unpleasant appearance.

Many men make the mistake of using only cologne directly on the skin after shaving due to the refreshed fragrance but such perfumes should be applied only after moisturizing the skin. Many men also make the mistake of not using a sunscreen when they go out in the sun. Male facial skin is equally prone to wrinkles and sun tan as female skin when exposed to the sun. So it is important for men to apply a sunscreen which has a sun protection factor of over 15 to protect the skin from the harmful effects of the sun’s UV rays. Exercising at least thrice a week or taking a brisk walk is good for the skin. It increases the oxygen supply to the skin cells which rejuvenates it from within.

Simple skin care practices and regular exercising can help men look younger and smarter.


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Mike Taylor
29. August 2016
Mike Taylor
29. August 2016
I pay close attention to the health of my skin, especially during the summertime when the heat, humidity, and sweat take a serious toll on the largest organ. Shaving is another opportunity to make a difference in the condition of my facial skin. All men should pay close attention at this critical time in their day.


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