Skin Deep

Skin Deep

Since skin is one of the bodies largest organs, its care is extremely important. Melanin helps prevent skin damage from sun exposure by reducing the amount of free radicals present. Various form of skin treatments, such as retinoid creams can help with scarring and other skin blemishes, especially for women with darker skin. Care must be used, however, as incorrect usage can lead to other skin problems. Glycolic facial peels work on acne, scarring, and lines, as well as helping with skin pigmentation. If it is combined with Photodynamic Therapy, the peels are guaranteed results but after care is necessary to maintain those results. A healthy lifestyle is also necessary to maintain healthy skin. Nutrients such as zinc- which can be found in fish, lean red meat, whole grain, nuts, seeds, and shellfish- are key. Exercise helps maintain healthy skin by improving circulation. Hydration is also important and six to eight glasses of water are recommended.

Key Points:

  • 1Skin can be damaged regardless of color, and everyone should take measures to avoid having their skin damaged.
  • 2Women with darker skin have protection from sun damage, but are more prone to scarring that can be addressed by facial treatments like glycolic peels.
  • 3Everyone should eat a healthy diet, exercise, and drink plenty of water to keep their skin healthy.

Exercising is king: Regular exercise boosts circulation. It nourishes your skin, bringing more blood flow and oxygen to the skin, and all the additional benefit of sweating means that the pores of congested skin are cleaned out.

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