Soda’s Detrimental Effects On Your Skin & Body

Many of us worry, even obsess, about our skin because it’s the first thing people see when they look at us. There are a host of both products and treatments, including medical procedures, that can alleviate or at least reduce the problems that can leave our skin looking less than its best. But sometimes there are very simple issues that can be addressed with basic changes in your routine.

Take soda. Whether or not you consume soft drinks can have an affect on your skin’s appearance. Some doctors equate soda consumption with smoking in terms of how it will impact your skin. Regular soda drinking can dry your skin out, which reduces its ability to remain flexible and healthy. There are also compounds in soda, such as glycation products in dark colored sodas, which affect your skin in a way that makes it look older than your true biological age.

One of the biggest issues with soda is the caffeine it often contains. Caffeine consumption can increase your stress levels, and stress impacts your over all health. Including the health of your skin. Further, caffeine can impact and alter your ability to maintain a regular sleep cycle; reducing how much you can sleep. And also lower the efficiency of what sleep you do manage to get. That physical fatigue also impacts your skin’s health.

Key Points:

  • 1Soda and its chemicals contribute to your acne problem and also dries out your skin.
  • 2The caffeine in soda damages skin and causes digestive problems.
  • 3The sugar in soda is refined – which is bad it causes insulin rush and causes weight gain.

Particularly, if you are already prone to skin problems, soda can intensify skin irritation for you, leading to drier skin, more bothersome eczema and longer-lasting acne, such as its cystic variety.

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