Three Essential Methods for Clearing Adult Acne

Persistent acne breakouts can be devastating to an adult’s confidence. Inflammation and blemishes erupting on the face and body lead to unwanted anxiety over your appearance, negatively impacting your quality of life. Beginning in their late 20s, many women and men experience hormone-related adult acne, the skin’s reaction to changing estrogen, testosterone, thyroid, and other hormonal levels in the body. People who made it through their teenage years with flawless, photo-ready complexions are not immune to  an unexpected breakout. Beyond your maturing body, certain medications, birth control pills, and stress are all causes for adult acne.  

Best Adult Acne treatments

While drug-store brand and infomercial-marketed acne systems promise quick, cheap results, these are unrealistic for adult sufferers. Dermatologists recommend a number of treatment options, though no one regiment is a certain cure for your condition. Still, many online communities dedicated to maintaining healthy, attractive skin share the same tips for your face’s speedy recovery.

Resist the Urge to Pick

With proper care, the average serious acne breakout takes roughly two to three months to clear. No matter how effective your regimen, picking, popping, and scraping off existing scabs will perpetuate your condition. Squeezing spreads acne under the skin’s surface, and constantly touching your face deposits bacteria and impedes recovery. For many people, the act of “picking” is a ritual as obsessive and uncontrollable as any other bad habit. If you can break the cycle, though, you will see drastic improvement in your skin.

Use the gentlest cleanser you can find, and use it sparingly.  

Clearing your skin means you have to resist the urge to wash it constantly, a practice many adults pick up early in their teen years. When women wear makeup, they wash their faces more often. If you’re an athlete, you probably cleanse after a workout. The truth is, dousing your face with harsh cleansers and all their chemicals strips natural oils and encourages conditions for pimples to develop. It’s impossible to stop washing altogether, so  invest in a gentle cleanser for when you do. Over-the-counter products work, but even better, stop washing. Many adults report incredible skin recovery by simply leaving it alone.

See the dermatologist for a regiment of antibiotics and topical creams/gels.  

Intense adult acne breakouts are nearly impossible to solve on your own. For all the effective at-home remedies and responsible care methods, your body is still going to do its own thing. A medical professional can patch together a regimen that will speed up cell turnover and promote long-term results. Countless contributors to online acne communities insist they wish they had seen a specialist sooner.

These are only a few proven effective tips for clearing your adult acne. Remember to consider other important choices you make in maintaining the health and appearance of your skin, including makeup, sunscreen, lotions, and medications.


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