What”s My Skin Type?

We’ve all heard that the makeup and moisturizer we chose should be based on the type of skin we have. The acne treatment we use, the makeup foundation and the application of makeup is all based on type of skin and whether it is consistent all over the face.

There are several different types of skin that range from oily to dry to combination skin. Determining which skin type you have will help you purchase skin cleansers that work best, make up that stays on all day and moisturizer that won’t cause breakouts.

To get a good handle on your skin type answer these questions.

  • Is your skin oily throughout the day? Yes (3) Sometimes (2) No (1)
  • During the day does your face feel tight? Yes (1), Sometimes (2), No (3)
  • Is your skin shiny during the day? Yes (3), Sometimes (2), No (1)

If your score is 7-10 your skin is oily; 4-6 and its combination skin and below its dry.

Now that you know what your overall skin type is you’ll be able to choose the skin cleanser that works best for you without causing further tightness or shininess to your face during the day. Using the correct cleanser can also decrease any breakouts that you may be prone to experiencing.

Choosing your make up is also important. Many of the makeup products today are classified for all skin types, dry skin or oily skin. Those products, which are used for people with oily skin don’t add additional moisture, while those designed for people with dry skin will add additional moisture to the face.

Many women find that if they have oily skin a makeup foundation that is powder based, such as a mineral make up, adds little moisture, gives great coverage and doesn’t add to any breakout problems. Women also find that mineral make up feels lighter, doesn’t settle into the creases in their face and also doesn’t leave that tell tale make up line under their chin.

If you have dry skin you may find that a tinted moisturizer works well for your foundation. This adds moisture while still giving coverage. When choosing your foundation look for one that includes a sunscreen or that you apply a sun screen before applying a foundation.

Most women have combination skin; have minimal breakouts, and minimal shine or dryness. These generalizations may vary during different season such as in the summer the skin may be oilier and in winter a bit dryer.

When choosing moisturizer purchase one which is a lightweight product that is oil free. Your daily cleansers should be gently exfoliating that will take away the impurities without drying out the skin. If your face feels dry and tight after washing then the cleanser may be too drying. If you feel oily or greasy then it may have too much moisture for your skin type.

Understanding how skin type impacts the products and the skin aging process will help to improve your chances of never really looking your age. With advanced skin care technology, knowledge, prevention and treatment options women today have the ability to look younger than their calendar years. And benefiting from these advantages doesn’t have to be expensive, time consuming or difficult.


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