Crucial Indicators To Recognize ADHD Symptoms And Types

ADHD is generally referred to as Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. It is a very familiar psychological behavioral disorder affecting children around the globe.

According to statistics, 3%-5% children worldwide and nearly 8-10% children in US are impacted by this disorder. Also, boys appear to be influenced by this disorder in larger numbers in comparison to girls.

This sickness is marked by certain behavioral traits that cause a hindrance in emotional, social, and academic performance of children.

General ADHD Symptoms

This ailment is neurobehavioral in nature and displays emotional traits like restlessness, hyperactivity, and frequent spells of radical irresponsible attitude among children.

Also, children who have this ailment tend to have disturbance in focusing on a particular topic for a long duration. They get distracted easily and are mostly lost in their own world.

They often tend to be rather talkative and are not good listeners. Such children also tend to disrupt other’s activities and are forgetful in nature.

Also, they tend to lose concentration in school-tasks. They talk meaninglessly and are not good at following directions.

Other than this, they are characterized by persistent fidgeting and squirming. They also tend to feel uneasy to remain seated at one place for a prolonged period.

Types Of ADHD

There are different classifications of this ailment. Traditionally, this disease is mainly divided into three categories — inattentive type, hyperactive-impulsive type, and a combined type.

However, in recent times some doctors state that there are other ADHD types as well. Some of these types are — the over-focused ADHD, limbic system ADHD, and Temporal lobe ADHD.

Children suffering from this mental sickness need not necessarily possess all these types together. Children often suffer from one particular kind of ADHD.

Also, each type is characterized by its own specialized symptoms that help to distinguish it.

For example, if a kid is a hyperactive-impulsive type, he or she will find it hard to play games in silence and will tend to be noisy.

Over-excitation will be a marked feature of such a kid. These types are always impatient and want to run around.

Similarly, an inattentive type will have face problems in planning things or doing them in a systematic manner. Also, children who undergo this type of ADHD fail to remember things.

They also have a tendency to lose various school items and other things like books, pencils, etc. Children falling under this category have major distraction problems as well.

Among the newer ADHD categories, physicians are finding interesting behavioral traits.

For example, According to some therapists, children who have the temporal lobe ADHD have very volatile and experience rapid mood-shifts.

Also, such kids do not like being patronized and tend to rebel against authoritative teachers and parents.

Contrary to this, limbic system ADHD types suffer from constant depression and are haunted by a general feeling of despondency.

These children generally have a careless and pessimistic attitude. Also, they do not show any enthusiasm for any kind of activity.

Contrary to this type, the over-focused kind tends to be anxious and worries over very insignificant matters. These children generally oppose views and like to fight with people over a lot of issues.

Also, children suffering from this ADHD type are mostly stubborn and find it exhausting to move away from one particular action to another.


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