7 Common Allergy Symptoms You Should Not Ignore

It’s allergy season again, and while it affects us all, some people are more sensitive and have specific allergies which others don’t experience routinely.

As we all gear up to face this interesting season heads on, here is a list of 10 common allergy symptoms which you shouldn’t ignore:

  1. Headaches

This season, if you are constantly battling with incessant headaches which have no known cause, allergies might be the culprits.

According to a renowned Ear, Nose, and Throat Specialist who has helped thousands of patients in Rio Grande Valley through cutting edge and traditional allergy treatments, allergies are all around us, and a proper understanding of allergic symptoms goes a long way in determining health and well-being.

Allergies are known to lead to inflammation of the sinuses and nasal passages, leading to increased mucus production, causing a buildup of fluid that results in severe headaches.

Those headaches might just be a sign that you need to visit an allergist soon!

  1. Fatigue

Several allergic patients complain of feeling constantly tired.

This could be as a result of the fact allergies lead to swelling in nasal passages, resulting in sufferers’ mouth breathing. This leads to a reduced oxygen intake and ultimately sleep quality. Eventually, some of these people end up with sleep apnea; all because of their allergic complications.

Other issues which make allergic individuals seem always tired are consistent droopiness under their eyes, due to swelling of their adenoids; and dark circles because of blood vessel dilatation under the thin-skinned area surrounding the eyes. This is referred to as ‘allergic shiners’, and they can be taken care of by proper treatment.

  1. Skin Rashes/Eczema

Allergic individuals often have skin affectation.

Substances like pet dander and dust mite are particularly implicated in causing these skin issues such as rashes and eczema. This is pretty clear because at least half the number of people suffering from allergies also have hay fever or food allergies.

  1. Loss of Senses of Smell, Taste, Hearing

Anyone who has had allergic nasal congestion would be familiar with a reduced sense of smell or anosmia; caused by chronic inflammation of the tissues and structures of the nose.

Reduced sense of taste which is closely related to a reduced sense of smell is particularly annoying, as you cannot enjoy that spicy meal! Food treats become a nightmare.

Lastly, when fluid backs up from the nasal sinuses into the Eustachian tube and then the ears, because of allergic nasal congestion, you might experience a reduction in your hearing ability.

  1. Cracked Lips

One way to identify a chronic sufferer of allergies is this: he/she would have cracked lips!

This is because of the constant mouth breathing experienced because of clogged nasal passages that leave your lips dehydrated because of chronic mouth breathing.

  1. Itchy, Swollen Throat

The itchy, swollen throat is a characteristic indicator of allergic reactions.

Known as the pollen-food allergy syndrome (the itchiness and swelling start mostly after eating food contaminated by pollen), sufferers can also experience allergic reactions to plant proteins in fruits and vegetables.

  1. Hoarseness of Voice

Serious allergies cause constriction of the respiratory tract which then causes hoarseness of your voice. If this is often your plight, you would need your vocal cords checked out be an ear, nose and throat specialist.

If you experience any of these seven common symptoms of allergy, you should take them seriously; because health is wealth.


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