Allergy Blood Test

A chronic condition some people can be afflicted by is allergies. When someone has an allergy, it means their immune system is compromised to some extent. A normal immune system response reacts against things that pose real danger, such as bacteria, infectious substances, and viruses. Allergic immune system responses see the response being targeted on substances that are normally quite harmless, such as simple pollen or dust.

When something can trigger an allergic response, the medical term used is allergen. There are a number of known allergens, many of them quite normal and benign. Some include certain nuts or types of shellfish, specific kinds of flowers or animal hairs, and even sometimes medicines can trigger an allergic reaction. Most allergic symptoms are not dangerously life threatening, but not always. Serious allergic reactions can close off the airways and result in anaphylactic shock.

To rule out an unknown allergy, an allergy blood test can be conducted. These are commonly run if a patient presents with allergic symptoms without a currently known cause. During an allergy blood test, medical personnel will draw a blood sample and then test certain things in your blood to learn about what might or might not be triggering a possible allergic response.

Key Points:

  • 1A total IgE test measure the overall number of IgE antibodies in your blood. — This test tells you if you have an allergy.
  • 2A specific IgE test measures the level of IgE antibodies in response to individual allergens. This test helps you identify what you are allergic to.
  • 3There a no special preparations for an allergy blood test.

If your total IgE levels are higher than normal, it likely means you have some kind of allergy.

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