Daffodils, Margaritas and Other Surprise Skin Dangers

Suprise Skin Conditions and allergies can occur from simply eating oranges and sitting in the sun. Drinking a margarita with lime juice and sitting in the hot sun can also cause a rash. Dr Julian Trevino recommends avoiding three leaf plants. People think that they are more likely to develop a rash from hiking in the woods than sitting beside the pool but they are wrong. Drinking a beer or margarita with lime sitting by the pool can cause an allergic reaction of a red rash. Because sun exposure combined with certain citrus plants like limes and oranges can cause a condition called phytophotodermatitis. Rinsing and applying sunscreen can help avoid these rashes.

Some other common foods can cause skin rashes also. They are spices like chilli peppers and horseradish.They contain chemicals that can cause skin irritations.
Other culprits can be cactus plants and other thorny, spiny plants like thistles. hey contain nettles or hairs that can stick into the skin and irritate it.
In addition to plants insect bites can cause hives and rashes and also some of them can cause diseases such a Lyme Disease, Zika Virus, and West Nile Disease.
To protect yourself from irritating plants wear long sleeves and pants. and use insect repellants such as DEEt or apply oil of lemon. The doctor  says if a bug lands on you flick it off rather than killing it because killing it can cause it to bite you. If you get bitten you can buy general aesthetics over the counter.

Key Points:

  • 1Common flowers and plants that can trigger allergic skin reactions include chrysanthemums, Peruvian lilies, tulips and daffodil bulbs.
  • 2The combination of UV rays and citrus fruits, like lemons and limes, on skin can cause rashes or darkened skin
  • 3Plants used in spicy foods, such as chili peppers and horseradish, are also known to irritate skin

Your skin can be affected by a wide variety of things you might find in your backyard, or even inside your home.

See the original at: https://medlineplus.gov/news/fullstory_163910.html


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