Is Your Carpet Dangerous?

Is Your Carpet Dangerous?

There is nothing like lovely clean smell of freshly cleaned carpet. We spend a lot of time on the floor,  snoozing, playing and roughhousing with our kids or pets, especially during the winter, and having a clean carpet is a must. Carpet cleaning services are affordable, they come to our homes, they clean and dry the carpet in a very short time and leave the place in perfect order. What else can we possible ask? How about what chemicals they used to clean our carpets?

Toxic soup

Most carpet cleaners use a toxic soup that leaves behind dangerous fumes and residue that can seriously affect the health of your family. Some of the commonly used products contain perchloroethylene, a popular dry cleaning chemical known to cause nausea, dizziness and fatigue. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) also warns of possible damage to liver and kidney. Naphthalene is another popular solvent used to dissolve dirt accumulated in carpets. It is manufactured from coal tar and is considered dangerous to the human central nervous system and is potentially carcinogenic. Some of the solvents used for dry carpet cleaning contain butyloxy ethanol, potentially causing damage to liver, central nervous system and kidneys.


This scary chemical soup is not only dangerous to your health but the environment as   well. Some carpet cleaning companies send the water used to rinse carpets straight down the drain, and into our water system. From there, the pollutants will find their way back to our lives.


Scared enough? Fortunately, there are safe alternatives. The market has responded to the demand of well-informed and environmentally aware consumers by offering a range of natural carpet and upholste