Why the 2018 Allergy Season Is Expected to Be a Bad One

Allergy sufferers always dread the coming of spring, and this year might bring more misery than usual as winter recedes into spring. Though April is just getting started, the Allergy & Asthma Care center in New York has data showing nearly one in three locations across the United States has modern or high levels of […]

Deviated Septum

What is a deviated septum?  Are you have difficulty breathing, nasal congestion, noisy breathing at night and no matter what you do it won’t go away?  Your septum is the part between your nostrils that is made up of cartilage and bone. When your septum becomes deviated it is when that part of your nose […]

Allergens Hiding in Your Child’s Bedroom

Have you noticed lately that your child’s cold symptoms have been lasting longer than a normal cold?  A normal cold can stay in a system between 7-10 days. If a runny nose, itchy eyes, and sneezing keep happening after this your child may have an allergy. Allergy symptoms can be very similar to a cold […]

Pet allergy

Allergy Blood Test

A chronic condition some people can be afflicted by is allergies. When someone has an allergy, it means their immune system is compromised to some extent. A normal immune system response reacts against things that pose real danger, such as bacteria, infectious substances, and viruses. Allergic immune system responses see the response being targeted on […]

Sniffing Out the Best Allergy Treatment

Every year, millions of United States citizens are stricken with symptoms from allergies. Allergists are looking to offer relief by forming a new group to look at guidelines on how people can effectively manage the troublesome effects. Their recommendation is topped by advising allergy sufferers to use nasal steroid sprays. The American College of Allergy, […]

Could Pests, Dust Lower Kids’ Odds for Asthma?

A new medical study offers evidence that exposure to pets and pests, and the allergens they carry, can actually help protect children against developing asthma. Once a child has already contracted asthma, managing the levels of these sorts of allergens is important in helping to deal with their reactions to them. But prior to actually […]

Anaphylaxis Aftermath: 10 Important Steps to Take After an Allergic Reaction

When dealing with your child’s allergic reaction there are a certain few items to keep in mind. Yes it can be scary but you need to think clearly. Make sure all of the Epinephrine auto injection Rx are refilled and up to date. Make sure you keep documents of all emergency room visits for your […]

Exposure to Pet and Pest Allergens During Infancy Linked to Reduced Asthma Risk

Having a pet provides companionship, unconditional love, and tons of snuggles. When a child has a pet, it provides responsibility, and a built in best bud. But can having a pet also improve your health? Studies show that having a pet around can reduce the chance of developing asthma in children. Allergens found indoors from […]

Seasonal Allergies: Which Medication is Right for You?

Seasonally, plants and weeds release allergens. Some people’s immune systems are triggered by these allergens, causing the body to release histamines. Histamines in turn can manifest a wide array of symptoms: runny noses, itchy eyes, and sore throats. Since it is impractical to avoid outdoor exposure, there are a variety of ways to combat these […]

Sinus Trouble Can Lead to Depression, Lost Work

Chronic rhino sinusitis or (CRS) is a condition where those effected experience consistent symptoms of a sinus infection. In some cases there is a vicious cycle where those experiencing CRS are in turn depressed due to the consistency of their plaguing symptoms. These depressed individuals experiencing CRS are much more likely to miss obligations like […]