Sinus Trouble Can Lead to Depression, Lost Work

Chronic rhino sinusitis or (CRS) is a condition where those effected experience consistent symptoms of a sinus infection. In some cases there is a vicious cycle where those experiencing CRS are in turn depressed due to the consistency of their plaguing symptoms. These depressed individuals experiencing CRS are much more likely to miss obligations like work or school. This illness that is common can affect breathing and sleeping patterns which can cause exhaustion, lower quality of life, and ultimately reduce their emotional functionality. A study conducted by researchers polled one hundred and seven individuals suffering from CRS. The study found that on average each of the individuals missed 3 days of work or school over a twelve month period. Their reasonings for missing time at work or school was cited as depression symptoms by the study. The surprise to the researchers was that the poor sleep or nasal conditions did not lead to these missing of days from work or school. One researcher was quoted saying that the symptoms of CRS and the elements of the disease may be driving those effected toward other diseases like depression and all of the consequences associated with it. This study was published March 10th in Annals of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology.

Key Points:

  • 1Chronic nasal problems (or chronic rhinosinusitis) can lead to depression and a decrease in productivity.
  • 2As symptoms become more severe, so can the depressed mood, and this may correlate to how often one misses school or work.
  • 3Of those 107 people surveyed, on average three days over three months would be missed despite lost sleep and the symptoms of CSR, lower than expected.

People who are depressed due to chronic sinus infections are less productive, according to a new study.

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