The Neti Pot and Salt Rinses For Sinus Health

The neti pot is a centuries old pot that has been used for the irrigation of blocked nasal passages. If you frequently suffer from nasal congestion due to allergies, rhinitis or frequent colds, using the neti pot may be the best way for you to maintain your sinus health.

What Is A Neti Pot?

The neti pot actually consists of a spout attached to a pot and may be available with or without a handle. These pots can be made of ceramic, metal and even plastic. The neti pot is used with a mixture of mineral salt rinses in order to irrigate ones nasal sinuses.

Using The Neti Pot

The neti pot is used with mineral salt rinses in order to clear the nasal passages. A mixture of around 16 ounces of lukewarm water and a tea spoon of salt is generally made and is poured into the pot. A pinch of baking soda may also be added to the solution, but care must be taken as this may irritate the nasal membranes of some people. The spout of the pot is then placed in one nostril and the nostril is filled with this solution. The solution may enter your throat, but this is no cause for alarm. After pouring the solution in your nostril, you must blow your nose thoroughly and spit out any excess solution that may enter your mouth.

How Safe Is The Neti Pot?

Using the neti pot is actually a very safe way to open blocked nasal passages. The neti pot has been used by people all over the world for centuries. The neti pot is harmless and completely safe for use, as long as the nasal irrigation solutions are made correctly. The salt added in the neti pot solution is the iodine free kind, which is available at your local chemist, and not table salt. After using the neti pot, the pot should be cleaned thoroughly and kept in a clean dry place, so that it is ready for your next use. This also prevents the spread of infections. The neti pot can be used as frequently as twice a day for 2 weeks.


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Amanda Drew
24. August 2017
Amanda Drew
24. August 2017
That's cool that using a sinus irrigation system like a neti pot can help you relieve nasel congestion. I get bad allergies all throughout summer, and sometimes I'm just sneezing up a storm all day and sniffing. I'm sick of it. So I should invest in a sinus irrigation system.


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