Why Most People Pick the Wrong Allergy Medications

Why Most People Pick the Wrong Allergy Medications

It’s springtime, and that means hay fever, red noses, and a host of other allergy symptoms from all of the pollen and other plant materials in the air. And, understandably, most of us reach for various types of allergy medicines in order to help treat those coughy, sneezy, springtime symptoms that can make an otherwise beautiful time of year absolutely miserable. But are you sure that you’re picking the right medication for your personal combination of symptoms, lifestyle, and other factors? Unless you’ve done your homework and due diligence, you might be going with medicines that do more harm than good in working with your allergies.

This was highlighted by a recent study out of Australia which followed about 300 consumers purchasing over-the-counter allergy medicines. When their choices were reviewed by medical professionals, it was determined that less than 20 percent were actually picking the ideal medication! So, how do you in fact pick the best medication for your personal symptoms? The gold standard is to indeed visit a medical professional for a recommendation – while the medicines themselves might be available over the counter without a prescription, there is no substitute for the invaluable guidance that a medical professional can provide in guiding an accurate selection.

Key Points:

  • 1People with seasonal allergies usually skip visiting a doctor or pharmacist, but instead purchase the wrong kind of over-the-counter drugs.
  • 2Purchasing the wrong kind of over-the-counter medicines only causes more out of pocket spending and little relief from symptoms.
  • 3Nasal sprays with steroids are the best option for hay fever.

Tan said the issue is a concern because people with hay fever, also known as rhinitis, choose to self-medicate a chronic condition that shouldn’t be trivialized.

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