7 Tips To Slow Down Aging And Stay Younger For Longer

While you can’t permanently stop your body from aging, you could engage in activities that slows the aging process down while staying younger for an extended period of time. Here are 7 habits that you can engage in today.


Stop Smoking


The dangerous part about smoking is that once you start, it can be tough to curb because of the addictive nature of the primary ingredient, nicotine. It is highly documented that smoking can have many detrimental effects on the body. It can clog your arteries, and cause malformations across your body while putting you at risk for a litany of diseases and conditions.

Cosmetically speaking, smoking can harm your body to a great degree as well. It speeds up the rate in which wrinkles form, stains your teeth and gives you a much older, undesirable appearance. Curb this harmful behavior so that it doesn’t do any serious harm.


Remain Hydrated


It makes sense that you would want to keep yourself hydrated considering that your body is mostly water. If you want to remain looking younger and slow down the aging process, being constantly hydrated and drinking plenty of water should be an essential part of your daily routine.

Drinking water will not only help you perform activities of daily living more effectively, but it will also help you look a little younger. You will notice that your skin will be clearer and more youthful. That is because through water, you are giving adequate nourishment to the cells in your body. Using a berkey water filter rather than a brita filter can also help make this process significantly easier and you can be assured that you are investing in a top quality water filter which will continue to supply your family with the safest drinking water for years to come without breaking the bank.




Water is one way to indirectly moisturize the body, but for added results, you should use a topical moisturizer daily to retain a youthful appearance. Moisturizer has the capacity to trap water in the skin, giving you a younger looking body. Whether this is lotion, face washes or any other kind, ensure that you use a moisturizer of some sort to give your body maximum benefit.


Watch Your Diet


There are many reasons why you’d want to watch your diet. Having a healthy diet will lead to a more productive life and will stave off against conditions such as heart disease and cancer. When it comes to looking younger, a well-balanced diet is essential. There are findings from a few studies that suggest vegetables and fresh fruit will help prevent damage that can predispose one to premature aging of the skin. Research also suggests that a diet that is high in refined sugars and carbohydrates can accelerate the aging process.

The phrase “you are what you eat” never rings more true when it comes to your appearance. You will look and feel about as well as the food that you put inside you. If you focus your diet on fruit, vegetables, fiber, healthy fats and other important minerals, it will be reflected in a younger looking body.


Sun Protection


Protecting yourself from the harmful UV rays of the sun is extremely important if you want to look younger as you grow older. Whether you are spending a day at the beach or running errands, you need to give your skin the proper protection from the rays of the sun. There are easy ways to do this which commonly entails seeking shade, using broad-spectrum sunscreen (preferably with a SPF of at least 30) and using protective clothing. Sunscreen should be applied to areas of the skin that is not covered by clothing, and you should avoid direct contact when it is possible.




There are other findings that suggest that moderate exercise each week will give your skin a youthful appearance. This is because when you exercise, you will boost your immune systems’ functioning while improving circulation throughout the body. If you do this often enough, you will find that you not only have more energy, but it will look like you have years shaved off your body.

The best part is that this exercise does not have to be rigorous. This could be something as simple as taking a walk around the block or your nearby park. You don’t have to waste away in a gym lifting heavy weights or running constant laps at the track or even changing your normal lifestyle. Just ensure that you are active and neglect a sedentary life.


Avoid Repetitive Facial Expressions


You may not realize it, but if there’s a specific signature facial expression that you use frequently, you’ll want to curb that habit immediately. This is because when you make a facial expression, you’ll be contracting all of the underlying muscles. When contracting the same muscles for years on end, the lines that form as a result become permanent. Make sure your face is as relaxed as possible. Sunglasses are something you can wear to reduce lines that can be caused by squinting.


As you can see, there are many things that can affect your personal appearance. If you want to help look younger as you grow older, follow these easy tips, and you will be surprised at what you see in the mirror.


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