How To Increase Sex Drive After Menopause?

The climax is an inevitable period in the life of every woman, which is accompanied by the extinction of the reproductive function of the body. It stretches for several years, during which changes occur in the female organism, accompanied by specific symptoms. There is an opinion that menopause and libido are mutually exclusive concepts. Indeed, during the period of adaptation of the body to a change in the reproductive system, the libido may decrease, but the onset of menopause in no way puts an end to sex life. Sex after menopause exists!


What is Menopause?

The life of each woman is divided into several periods during which hormones “dictate their rules”. Such periods include puberty, gestation and lactation, and, of course, menopause. The climacteric is something that cannot be avoided. This period is the first stage of aging of the body and is characterized by a gradual extinction of reproductive function. Despite this fact, a woman still can and must enjoy life and regularly have sex after menopause since menopausal changes are not “the end of the world”.

With the onset of the climacteric, monthly menstruation stops. The eggs do not mature; accordingly, regular bleeding is no longer necessary. The climax is a rather difficult period that every woman needs to go through. In time, such a hormonal adjustment can go on for a period of 5 to 8 years. The average age of menopause is about 50 years. The cessation of the possibility of conceiving a child in each woman occurs in different ways. Some women have early menopause, at the age of 40-43 years. Others can maintain reproductive ability until a later age – 55-58 years. The body of each person is unique, which determines such a wide scatter. Nonetheless, sex after menopause should be present in the life of every woman in the climacteric.

Regardless of age, the climacteric is always manifested by specific symptoms that greatly complicate life, such as:

  • headaches;
  • flashes of heat;
  • mood swings;
  • trouble sleeping;
  • vaginal dryness;
  • lowering of sex drive and as a result painful sex after menopause.


Sex Drive After Menopause. Why Does It Lower?

With menopause, the cessation of estrogen production and a drop in testosterone levels are to blame for a decrease in sexual desire and the quality of the menopause sex. Periodically, a woman loses interest in the sexual side of life due to the discomfort that it brings to her. This can be expressed in severe pain during intercourse. Sex becomes undesirable due to small cracks that occur on the walls of the vagina, as natural lubrication ceases to be produced almost completely. This is a consequence of reduced blood flow to the genitals. That is why painful sex after menopause is not rare, unfortunately.

Also, age-related changes can lead to a loss of external attractiveness due to a sharp increase in weight and growth of hair on the face and body, loss of skin elasticity. Additionally, incontinence and some medical problems (prolapse of the uterus and shortening of the length of the vagina) cause discomfort. Prejudice plays a significant role here.


Sex After Menopause Tips

Here are some pieces of advice on how to increase sex drive after menopause and, on the contrary, to get even more pleasure and enjoyment. A woman should:

  • have sex systematically. Do not stop making love with the onset of menopause. Thus, you will keep your vagina in good shape.
  • consult a doctor with each unusual condition she starts to feel in the climacteric.
  • use lubricants to moisturize her vagina during intercourse.
  • start going in for sports, even if she has never done it before. If you are embarrassed to go to the gym, then there are many apps, video lessons, or exercise books that you can do at home.
  • start eating right. Try to eat less meat in your daily diet and switch to light foods that contain phytoestrogens.


Menopause Sex Drive Natural Remedies

Here are some of the plants that could increase the menopause sex drive:

  • Maca Peruvian;
  • Red clover;
  • Korean red ginseng;
  • Tribulus;
  • Fenugreek.

Clinical studies showed that systematic use of the appropriate dosage of at least one of these plants will significantly improve the quality of sex after menopause.

Have sex regularly – the climax is not a sentence yet! All problems that occur in the body can be dealt with. If you have problems of a psychological nature and you cannot cope with them on your own, consult a psychologist. There is nothing to be ashamed of.

Do not be afraid! Menopause and sex are compatible! Learn to accept yourself and enjoy life every day. Do not get hung up on this period as a problem! Even in this phase of your life, you can have an active sex life.


Author BIO:
Sheri Goddard –  Expert on menopause. Woman Consultant at Menopause Coach.
I will help you look at menopause in a “new light”, and empower you to make healthy, alternative choices rather than thinking you MUST use unsafe traditional methods as you make your transition to menopause and beyond.



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