Most Popular Plastic Surgery Procedures In 2020

Every single year, plastic surgery enjoys a popularity boost. There are actually around 18 million such procedures happening in the US every single year. Cosmetic surgeries are actually more and more popular among men and there are countless really interesting options that are available right now for those interested.

Those mentioned below are definitely the most popular plastic surgery procedures right now, according to research done by SpaMedica.


Liposuctions are surgical procedures in which fat is suctioned from specific body parts in order to end up with a shapelier and slimmer silhouette. Two types of liposuctions are nowadays very popular:

  • Tumescent Liposuction — This is the most popular option. The doctor uses a saline solution, a numbing agent, and a drug that constricts blood vessels. It is the liquid that is suctioned out of your body and while this happens, fat is also removed. The instrument used is called a cannula.
  • UAL (Ultrasonic-Assisted Liposuction) — In an UAL, the cannula is built so it releases ultrasonic energy. It is capable of melting fat, making it much easier to be suctioned out of your body. When compared with the tumescent liposuction, risks are higher so UALs are only recommended when the other procedure cannot be used.

Breast Augmentation

Statistics show us that there are over 300,000 breast augmentations done in the US every single year. This is a surgery that is done due to different reasons, like enlarging both breasts, replacing one breast that is now absent, or in order to make breasts that are asymmetrical equal. It is also possible that a woman opts for this when the breasts do not properly develop following puberty.

The popularity of silicone implants only goes up. In 2018, just 12% of women decided to use the implants but this number keeps going up. Recovery usually lasts a couple of weeks and getting back to work is usually fast after that.


Blepharoplasty is more commonly known as eyelid reshaping surgery. It is done in order to improve a patient’s vision or for purely cosmetic reasons. When there is sagging skin or too much skin present in the area, vision becomes impaired. At the same time, you do end up looking as if you are older than you truly are.

During this procedure, the lower eyelids that show wrinkling or chronic puffiness tend to be reduced to obtain the youthful appearance desired. The surgeon removes fat pads present under your eyes and after the procedure is done, you can get back to regular day-to-day activities in around 2 weeks. Swelling eventually disappears.


The abdominoplasty is normally referred to as lower body lift or tummy tuck. The goal of this procedure is to remove the excess skin that is found in the abdominal area. At the same time, excess skin is removed.

The surgery is usually done on those women that experience the excess skin because of what happened after pregnancy or after a lot of weight was loss following bariatric surgery. You are considered to be an ideal candidate in the event that excess fat deposits are not present in the area but there is skin hanging.

Usually, you can get back to work in under 3 weeks following an abdominoplasty. However, there will be some limitations on how much physical activity you can do for a while.

Breast Reduction

Breast reduction surgery stands out as one of the few cosmetic surgeries that are covered by health insurance policies. This is because most women that go through the procedure do so because of many other things besides improved appearance.

It is normal to choose a breast reduction whenever there are posture problems, back pain problems, and general discomfort in one’s appearance. The surgery ideally reduces breast weight and size while posture is improved and back pain is relieved.


Rhinoplasties (commonly known as nose jobs) reshape your nose and create a balance that is sometimes necessary in relation to the rest of your face. Surgeons can reduce nose size or even refine some areas, leading to a much more pleasing appearance.

In the event that breathing is impaired to any degree because of nose-related problems (like with the deviated septum), the health insurance will cover a part of the surgery costs or even all surgery costs.

Following surgery, bruising will be visible for around 10 days. Afterwards, most patients can safely get back to work.


Commonly known as a facelift, the rhytidectomy removes sagging and wrinkles that naturally appear as we age. The facelift will tighten the skin of your face and will offer a much younger appearance. This is done by pulling the skin tighter, minimizing sagging, and smoothing the deep lines.

Usually, the facelift is combined with a different cosmetic procedure, like eyelid shaping, skin peels, and forehead lifts, all with the purpose of enhancing one’s youthful appearance.

After the rhytidectomy, sutures can be removed in around 10 days. However, full recovery takes weeks.



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